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Lost and Found

  • Female Part-Siamese w/ blue eyes, dark tail, cream fur w/ dark spots missing from Normaltown. Holman Ave. area. Please call: 770-324-5423. Miss her dearly.
  • Lost animals and items can be found w/ Flagpole classifieds! Post a free listing for lost and found pets, valuable items or items w/ sentimental value. Email:


  • Hey, there/ With your perfectly coifed/ Hair/ Aiming your Mercedes past my/ Shoe/ Screw you.
  • To "that guy" (you know who you are): Put your ding-dong away and quit molesting our newspaper box! –Flagpole

Missed Connections

  • You: Super Hot, Big Beautiful Star. Me: Crater-faced satellite, roughly 400x tinier. I'm like a quivering puddle of plasma when our paths cross but maybe we could get lunch Monday?


  • Adult chomper/biter seeks same for clean, partially sanitary fun. No toes, clippers or emery boards. Can host and provide polish for after.


  • RIP Noke. You were a wonderful cat and will be sorely missed.